Robocop Review

Scott Iwaniec

I think we all turned the other shoulder at the idea of a new Robocop movie. It’s a remake of a really cheesy 80s movie with a few big named stars in it; Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, to name a few, but every time this formula is put into motion, we get things like G.I Joe.

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We all knew what it would be like; but honestly, Robocop isn’t as bad as you think. Never before has that phrase been such a compliment. I would say it’s a decent film with some actual effort and care behind it. As you probably figured, the plot is pretty similar to the original, but benefits from a few twists that make it fit nicely into today’s world.

One of these twists involves Samuel L. Jackson as a news reporter. His character tells the narration of the film in a pretty cleaver way that makes you look forward to his sequences. The movie gets most of its satisfaction from its Characters, specifically Robocop himself and his wife. Both actors put up decent performances, and actually give the dilemma some believable weight to it.

This differs from the original, which had almost no character development and all action. This version completely flips this trend. The character development is heavy, but the action is mediocre. Ironic, since this concept should surely call for some cool action. They’re just okay.

It’s a lot of stand still shooting without much movement, but it’s enough to get by. The suit looks awesome, I really love the size and power that the suit commands, plus it looks more anatomic and mobile as opposed to gaudy and impractical like the original.

Let’s compare some more to the original film: they seem to have the same plot points, however, change emphasis. Like I said before about the action v. character, this goes likewise for the villains. In the original the villains were the gang who tried to kill Murphy. In this, the villain is the creator of the suit, and the gang is glanced over. This makes for a much better film over all because it focuses a lot on the political element of a robotic law enforcement officer.

Actually this movie has a lot to say about politics and the world today. For an overall opinion: it doesn’t suck. Don’t go out of your way to see it, but if you do it’ll keep you entertained with a few buddies on $5 Tuesday.