Rise of the Guardians: Perfect for the Season

Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

Peter Ramsey’s Rise of the Guardians is a perfect movie and deserves a place in any DVD collection. Based on the books by William Joyce, it’s vividly enhanced and brought to life. It is magical as we see some of our favorite legends interacting with one another in this epic adventure. You’ll laugh and really cry as the greatest heroes fight evil.

It happens so fast. No delay. No wait. The plot is unraveling quickly; the legends prep for battle, seeking Jack Frost to make him a guardian. But his isolation makes him refuse, as no child believes in him. However, after witnessing Pitch’s (The Boogeyman) terror on Tooth’s lair and children losing faith in her, he joins in the hopes of recovering his memories inside the teeth Pitch’s minions stole.

Cue intense music and Chris Pine’s suave voice, and we have team that is going to give it their all to project the children of the world.

Did I mention Hugh Jackman voices the Easter Bunny? Australian Bunny.

The creativity behind the film is marvelous. Peter Ramsey knows how to deliver a wonderful film just in time for the holidays. Each guardian is magically brought to life and developed well. Their quirks are amazing and so are their lairs, headquarters, clouds and workshops. It’s everything kids dream of and more. The colors are balanced and the animation is perfect. Moreover, the best part of this movie is the inside scoop into the daily work of Santa as he prepares for the holidays. He makes creative and precious toys with more sentimental value than an iPhone, as most children still receive. All of it is enchanting.

Amazing voice cast, too! Perfect. Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine, and of course Jude Law (Pitch), Alec Baldwin (Santa), Isla Fisher (Tooth), and Dakota Goyo (Jamie, the savior) all give stellar performances.

As with every DreamWorks animation, this movie tugs heartstrings as the guardians are losing the children’s faith. Pitch grows stronger as he ruins Easter by distracting Jack with a “familiar” voice. The guardians are losing their powers. Only after Jack sees who he was, others believe in him and he is strong enough to help the guardians save the day from darkness. Call it whatever you like, but the kid in all of us wishes this was real.

You should go see this movie if you haven’t. It’s not a waste of money, and if you’re low on funding, there’s always “5 Dollar Tuesday.”

Check it out, it’s a beautiful film. We all know that, at one point of our lives, we believed in these heroes. Some of us still do.