Righteous Kill Delivers


The new film starring Robert De
Niro and Al Pacino, Righteous Kill, opened at the box office this weekend
amidst large buzz.

The film is a basic story about
two police officers (Pacino and De Niro) trying to solve a series of murders.
These murders are linked, and with the help of officers from another precinct
(John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg), the cops get closer to nabbing the
“poetry killer.” As the story progresses, and this isn’t a spoiler because if
you’ve seen a preview, you know this…so hush, the foursome realize that a
fellow police officer is probably the one who is committing these murders.

The movie itself has massive
hype, and lives up to most of it. The story is streamlined and easy to
understand, and provides the watcher with a detailed view of how the cops fight
the criminals, and fellow officers.

From a forensic standpoint (as I
am a forensic major) the crime scene tech…well, was nice to look at. Otherwise,
the story, along with all the associated twists and turns, made for a fun and
entertaining session in the theater. The movie is definitely worth watching,
and oh yeah, 50 Cent is in it too…he was super.