Ride Along 2: A Boring Ride

Dylan Rupptrecht

Ride Along 2 is an action/comedy film with a few redeeming moments, but, as a total package, it is probably not worth your time in the movie theater.

Kevin Hart, Ken Jeong and Ice Cube in a scene from Ride Along 2 (AP photo)
Kevin Hart, Ken Jeong and Ice Cube in a scene from Ride Along 2 (AP photo)

The film stars Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, reprising their roles from Ride Along, which was released in 2014. The first film received poor reviews, but just two years later, the duo teamed back up to bring us another cop comedy.

Ice Cube and Hart are the highlights of the film, with apparent chemistry and some funny moments. However, as the film progresses, Hart’s antics and attempts at comedy seem over the top and forced.

Ken Jeong, famous for portraying Leslie Chow in the Hangover films, is added to the cast for this sequel. Again, while his character starts out interesting and with the ability to deliver comedy, he quickly becomes stale as the story progresses.

So the casting was good, and the writing was bad, but can Ride Along 2’s plot make up for these shortcomings? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Ice Cube’s character, James, is assigned to take on a high-profile case in Miami, and his partner Ben (Hart), is instructed to stay behind as he’s not capable of handling it. Throughout the film, Ben struggles to prove his worth to the Police Department and James, but it’s not hard to see why they didn’t want him in the first place. Ben’s over the top antics and lack of seriousness are negatives for both the viewers and the characters within the film.

There are worse comedies out there, so Ride Along 2 isn’t the worst movie you could choose to see. The action sequences are actually passable, and are some of the film’s highlights. And while the comedy is often forced or downright unfunny, there are definitely laughs scattered throughout the film.

I can recommend this film to a few groups of people: fans of the first film, fans of Hart’s comedic style, or those who are fine with sitting through 101 minutes knowing that the highlights are few and far in-between. For fans of comedies in general, this film is at least passable. But for someone trying to get the most out of their day at the cinemas, there are much better options.