Restaurant Review: Frankie’s

Zack Rosen

Up the road from campus sits a fast food restaurant like no other. Frankies, a franchise with nine locations throughout Connecticut (and even one in Florida), is a well-known gem in this area. Located on the Boston Post Road in West Haven right near Guitar Center, Frankies offers a variety of food items in a casual sitdown atmosphere.

When millions were wondering where the economy would end up in 1933, founder Frank Caiazzo was banking – no pun intended – on becoming a successful businessperson. He put down a deposit on a location and received building materials on credit from a local lumber company, calling Frank and his brother ambitious, likeable, and persuasive. Business in the ’30s was slow, however.

According to Frankie, “it was so bad that when someone came in, we’d give him an extra cup of coffee just to keep his car in our lot!” But today, Frankie’s is a local favorite throughout Connecticut. Its Waterbury location even attracts customers from the Boston area and beyond.

Frankies’ menu has a vast array of choices, ranging from soup, salad, appetizers, chili, fried cauliflower, cheeseburgers, fried seafood, tuna rolls, and Philly cheesesteak just to name a few. But don’t forget what makes Frankies so popular: their delicious hot dogs, with options to be topped with chili, cheese, peppers and onions, mushrooms, hot cheddar cheese, bacon, and served as corn dogs.

Be sure to check out Frankies next time you venture out for a delicious dinner, a simple snack, or in the words of Tim Fasano a “liberal lunch.” Tim and I both guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.