Restaurant Review: COSÌ


Just off Broadway I recently wandered into COSÌ, a sandwich shop that is open until 9 p.m. Arriving at 8:30, I felt bad to order what I did but ordered it anyway. It was right after Wine Appreciation and my friend and I were craving some nice hearty sandwiches and chocolate.
As we walked in, we looked at the menu to the left of the door. It’s huge, you can’t miss it. Both of us decided on the Grilled Chicken T.B.M. Melt ($7.49), one on white and one on wheat. One thing I noticed though is that the S’more Fire Pit that I heard a lot about was not on the menu (although, it is on the website, I checked). I ordered it anyway to see if they still made it and sure enough, they did.

We sat down and after about 10 minutes received our sandwiches. The cook brought our sandwiches to the table because they were closed and there were very few people in the restaurant. I appreciated the hospitality, and started eating right away.

The mozzarella on the sandwich was outstanding and gooey, and the chicken was thoroughly cooked without being dry. One thing I was always intrigued about with COSÌ is how they make their bread. It is hard to describe the taste, but I will do my best. Think pretzel crunch meets toasted bread.Yum. My friend must have really liked his sandwich because he finished it in a matter of minutes. I, on the other hand, wrapped up half of the huge sandwich for the next day’s lunch.

When we were stuffed, we remembered we ordered s’mores so we told the cook we were ready for it and he brought it over. It was a tiny ceramic oven with a fire lit by butane, on top of a wooden holder that included enough supplies and sticks for four s’mores. It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen at a restaurant. So guys and girls: surprise your special someone with this dessert. They’ll die from the romance!

By now it was 9:45 p.m. and I was ready to leave the restaurant so they could clean up and go home. I was incredibly impressed that they did not try to force us out at 9 just because that was the time on the door. They treated us with great hospitality and that, besides the awesome food, gives them the amount of stars that they deserve.

Even though this place is in a bunch of cities across the country, I still believe it was worth reviewing. The delicious meals and unbelievable staff made me realize that some restaurant owners know what they’re doing especially if they’re able to duplicate impeccable food and service across the region. If you haven’t tried COSÌ yet, you should soon. Cutest sandwich shop in New Haven.