Remembering David Bowie

Glenn Rohrbacker

Bowie AP
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On Jan. 10, we lost one of the greatest musicians to ever shape our world. David Bowie was a visionary. His intuitive nature to be the most creative and musically inspiring artist out there made him the success he really was. Whether you heard his songs on the radio, from your parents’ records, on T.V. or in Guardians of the Galaxy, David Bowie had a specific sound that always was changing. So many prominent groups have said that David Bowie was a major influence on them, including Nirvana, Duran Duran, Beck, and Lady GaGa.

Many music stars paid tribute to David Bowie, both online and live, after hearing the news.
“David Bowie was one of my most important inspirations, so fearless, so creative, he gave us magic for a lifetime,” Kanye West tweeted. “I pray for his friends and family.”

Bruce Springsteen posted, “Over here on E Street, we’re feeling the great loss of David Bowie.”

This came from Yoko Ono: “As John & I had very few friends, we felt David was as close as family. Sweet memories will stay with us forever.”

Elton John tweeted, “I am still in shock. Never saw it coming. My deepest condolences to the family. An amazing life. An amazing career.” Elton John also performed a touching tribute to the late musician at a concert that week. More artists like Paul McCartney, Cher, Kendrick Lamar, The Rolling Stones, and Madonna all paid their condolences to David Bowie in the hours after his passing.

Bowie had been playing music since he was 13, when he picked up a saxophone in his London home. He then went on to high school where he would learn to be a performer. His first album was somewhat of a flop – not doing very well in the U.K. and virtually unknown in the U.S. However, with his second album, Space Oddity, he had a hit. He then shifted to some psychedelic music and then to some pop-rock experiments, showing his wide range of creative ability.

Then came Ziggy Stardust. This is where the David Bowie you may know and recognize was born. His outlandish outfits and makeup were a necessity for the total experience in the live shows he created. This turning point in Bowie’s career made him a significant figure on the world stage.

David Bowie’s career spans almost five decades and is too diverse and impactful to describe every stage. However, his long road finally ends on Jan 8. 2016, when he released his last album, Blackstar, to a wide view of critical acclaim. Then, only two days later, he passed away after 18 months of struggling with cancer. David Bowie will always be remembered as a pioneer in the music industry and an inspiration to all creators.