Remember When…? Seniors Speak Out


There was a huge parking lot behind Botwinik?
There were multiple classrooms where the Samuel S. Bergami Center for Finance and Technology room is now?
There was no patio behind Bartels?
Bartels didn’t have a fireplace?
The campus only had 2100 students?
Not every freshmen room was tripled?
There was a tiny gym in Botwinik?
Sandellas was not an option?
New Hall was an upperclassmen residence hall?
The Chariot Yearbook and the Charger Bulletin had windows in their office?
DSA put on V.I.P. Bingo not “Naughty” Bingo?
The grassy knoll was still around?
Our entire class could fit into one class photo instead of two?
The e-mail used to work?
You were able to drive around the entire campus from any starting point?
We were able to have meetings in the Dodds auditorium?
Library computers were always available?
The club rocks were in front of Bartels and the Bookstore?
Spring Carnival was held in the Bixler parking lot?
Computers and Their Applications was an hour and a half of Facebooking known as Intro to Data Processing?
The Maxcy Staircase was a really ugly blue color?
Facebook was for college students only?
The UNH website was one picture and an ugly blue background?
The Price Is Right was held annually in the auditorium?
The computer lab was just a bunch of trailers in the Botwinik parking lot?
The turf field was a giant dead patch of grass and mud that made the trip from Winchester to New Cafe way shorter?
Your eyes didn’t hurt when looking at the football field?
The Vlock Center was two large classrooms instead of one smaller one?
WNHU was part of USGA?
Quick Zone was called the C-Store (and always will be for the older students)?
The freshmen class didn’t outnumber the other three classes combined?
There was a giant black sculpture in front of the library?
The computer stations in the library were actually stacks?
The meal plans cost half of what they do now?
UNH IDs had our birthdays on them?
The “new construction” on campus was the Bartels patio?
UNH Cribs used to be on channel 14?
Midnight Breakfast was actually at midnight?
Take Three used to be the faculty dining room?
There was a Quiznos in New Hall?
You used to be able to send campus-wide e-mails without Student Activities doing it for you?
The New Hall parking lot was a field?
It was common knowledge that Maxcy was haunted?
The only Jazzman’s on campus was in the student center?
The Dean of Students Office was in Bixler Hall?
Registration was done on paper and done first come, first serve leading to some hardcore slumber parties the night before?
Room selection was done in huge groups in the Alumni Lounge or German Club?
Bethel Hall held freshmen AND transfer students?
There was no DPhiE, Sigma Chi or Phi Sig Sig but there was a DSA and an APhiA?
The school tried to fix the quad by roping it off for a month?