Red Tails

Samantha Shinn

This movie, based on real events, is the touching story of a group of African American fighter pilots during World War II in Italy. This story is a recounting on how this courageous group of men overcame segregation and racism and became one of the best fighter pilot squadron’s during the war.

Red Tails was directed by Anthony Hemingway, produced by 20th Century Fox Corporation, and was released January 20, 2012. The main actors of this film are Cuba Gooding Jr, David Oyelowo, Terrance Howard, Ne-Yo, and Nate Parker.

When the “Red Tails” are given the opportunity of a lifetime- to see real airtime action during World War II while stationed in Italy- they achieve and succeed the expectations placed on them by the Pentagon in America. Through their courageous acts in battle, they impress their superiors and fellow airmen and are given one of the highest honors for wartime valor from the President.

The key moment in this movie is when Terrance Howard, as Colonel Bullard, was able to secure better fighter planes and real war action. He withstood discrimination and humiliation to make sure that the major Generals of the war knew the great potential that his team in Italy had.

In my opinion, this movie was okay, at best. The opening sequence does not pull the audience into the story, and the audience never really does get involved in the story. Also, many of the actors were not passionate in their parts where passion is most definitely required; there were many monotone speeches and forced lines. However, this story is a very touching one and had the potential to be a very good movie. I recommend this movie to audiences who like seeing historical documentaries or to audiences who enjoy films on the WWII era.