Red Sox Get Swept by Angels

Alex Kratman

One out is what separated the Red Sox from continuing on in American League Division Series. The Red Sox sent back out their closer Jonathan Papelbon to the mound to finish off the game in the top of the ninth. The Angels had the bottom of the order to bat, which included Maicer Izturis, Gary Matthews, and Aybar. Macier and Matthews both went down on strikes. Many of the Red Sox players and fans were already having their minds set on the next game. Papelbon had a streak of 26 scoreless innings under his belt, yet he lost his touch which started a single by Aybar and a walk. The next batter, Abreu smacked a run scoring double, which tied the game. Torri Hunter was intentionally walked which loaded the bases for the Angels. Guerrero would change the face of history with a two run single that initially won the game for the Angels and completed the sweep of the Red Sox.

This victory shocked the entire baseball community. The Red Sox had won 12 or 13 postseason games against the Angels before this series. The Sox were no strangers of being behind in the hole and have to win to keep alive. The 2004 season was the perfect example: after losing the first three games in the ALCS they came back to win the series and beat the Rockies. This season was different from many of the previous years. The Red Sox gave the impression that they had this series in the bag and didn’t show passion.

There have been many critics saying that the Red Sox are overrated and this series win showed the weakness of the team. Poor pitching and weak bats were the main factors that people point out in the series lost. The division series was just about the same, with the exception of Clay Bucholz who pitched the best out of Lester and Beckett. With the season over, it leaves time to think about the 2010 season, for the Red Sox brass to come up for a game plan. Which players will resign, which players will be kept, and which players will be traded.