RECSports Introduces Handball

Kat Wilberding

Almost all the sports offered in Season 2 have been offered before, but the RECSports program also introduced a new sport to its collection. The existing sports had an amazing turnout and were certainly exciting as ever, but what about RECSports’ newest edition, team handball?

There is always some anticipation, some excitement when a sport starts up that is new to the program. There is always that worry that the sport could be a totally flop. However, the worry is worth the risk of trying something new because if the sport takes off the games are riveting. The team handball games were like no other, marking the debut of the sport at UNH a success.

So what is team handball? Team handball is a soccer-like game, but played by throwing ball rather than kicking. Teams of six throw the ball around and try to score in small goals. A player cannot take more than three steps while holding the ball and may not hold the ball for more than three seconds. Due to this fundamental rule team handball is a fast-paced, exciting game.

The first week of Season 2 showed that team handball is also a high-scoring sport for RECSports. Thus far the teams have taken to the sport with enthusiasm and the games have been awesome. According to one RECSports staff member’s observation, defense is particularly challenging, but the game is still thrilling especially as participants show amazing skill.

RECSports has two divisions of team handball: men’s and co-rec. In this first week of the sport 80’s Babies, Bangin’ Bulldogs, Delta Chi, How We Doin, Jon’s Lunch, and Red Army each one at least one game. RECSports would like to thank all the teams that came out and made the first week so successful.

Speaking of firsts begs the question- where did team handball come from? Team handball has been around in one form or another since ancient Greece. Handball sports acquired growing interests the farther west the sports became known. Germany, France, and Denmark are among the first few countries to pick up versions of handball in the middle ages. Denmark and Germany were a couple of the first countries to play the modern version of team handball. Today team handball is one of the most popular sports in England (behind soccer of course). The sport has an international federation and is played in the Summer Olympics. In fact, team handball did appear at this year’s Summer Olympics. In the men’s team handball competition France won their first gold in the sport. Norway took the women’s team handball gold. So team handball isn’t as obscure as one might think.

Team handball looks to be a promising sport that the RECSports program can offer in the future. I hope everyone gets a chance to play or at least see a game.