RECSports Fever!

The Charger Bulletin

By Jason Gratton – REC Sports

Now that the Scholarship Ball decorations have come down from the weekend, the Beckerman courts are awaiting stiff competition as REC Sports heads toward its’ second season: the playoffs! Those looking for the coveted RECSports Champion t-shirt should prepare to bring their best in their respective sports and divisions. Playoffs begin Apr. 24. With a record number of participants this year, playoffs are expected to be nothing less than legendary.

As the year comes to an inevitable close, ten points is all that separates the top two spots in the “Quest for the Charger Cup.” The Charger Cup is a yearlong competition between organizations and groups to accumulate the most points throughout all sports. Points are given through winning games, making teams, and maintaining an appropriate sportsmanship rating. The champions of this quest receive a banner, inscribed with their team name, above the basketball courts for future generations to view.

In the coming days, be sure to check the playoff schedule located across from Equipment Services. Thanks for coming out this RECSports season and good luck in the playoffs!