REC Sports Continues

Kat Wilberding

Season 3 of REC Sports is underway, Group X classes have started up, and the Beckerman is busier than ever. While the new semester has brought an initial explosion of programs like the Get Fit Charger Challenge and the new BOSU Boost Group X class, more quality activities are to come.

ChargerREC is proud to bring back instructional classes this Spring. Classes offered are: Belly Dancing, Kenjutsu, Mat Pilates, Unarmed Fighting Skills of the Samurai, and Yoga. Curious about a class? Stop by the free demonstrations of each class going on all this week. The demo schedule is online at our website and in our magazine.

The arrival of February also brings Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is exciting and there is a lot of great food to be had during this festive day. But you don’t have to break your healthy life style. Come join us at the Beckerman on Tuesday, Feb. 16 for Fit Tuesday. Anyone who participates in a Group X class on Fit Tuesday will automatically be entered into a drawing for a prize. So come “combat the fat” this February with Fit Tuesday.

REC Sports will be holding several one day tournaments throughout both seasons this semester, so be sure to look out for those. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, REC Sports will be holding a big pink volleyball event on Friday, February 19th. Please look out for more information on this one day volleyball tournament. Come out and support breast cancer awareness.

As always stop by, visit the website, take a magazine, and check the bulletin for more news and updates from the Beckerman.