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    John TreastmanApr 7, 2016 at 10:17 am

    It seems like the author simply has a problem with anybody who is at all disappointed with the choice for headliner, not even necessarily the rude ones, going as far as infantilizing them and calling them “5 year olds” who want chocolate? So, people can’t be disappointed?

    It would be one thing if the author had written this article to criticize some of the vitriolic comments, but she seems to have a problem with anybody saying another school’s concert is better or making fun of the choice in any way. Most of the University of New Haven was extremely displeased by this choice. To even argue that the disappointed folks are some small majority is untrue at best, nefarious at worst. Stop belittling people’s opinions and comments by writing them off as “rude.”

    The truth is, yes, people do need to get over it–but it was a bad choice. He’s not an artist that connects with students at our age or in our demographic. Also, it’s nobody’s fault but the author that they “didn’t know” T-Pain and Third Eye Blind (not top choices, but you’d have to be living under a mountain of rocks to not “know” them).

    And to the part about “marinating” our livers in alcohol. Really? This is the only college I’ve ever seen where people are judged and shamed for drinking alcohol like all other college students. This author must be some sort of Greek stoic. Seriously though, puritanism and condescension is not good for anyway.

    Nice opinion article. You have your opinion, and the rest of us have ours. Unfortunately, we’re not all in the position to espouse ours in the school newspaper, and if anybody wrote a freelance article explaining the OVERWHELMING disappointment, I’m sure this paper wouldn’t have approved it. How about instead of putting out some rude opinion-based piece that is condescending to the majority of the student body, you put out a news article showing how disappointed most students were, and how overwhelmingly upset many of us were? No, you’d rather misrepresent the entire issue and undercut everybody’s opinions.

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