Quit Idling in the Drive Thru

Erica Giannelli

When you think of food, do you think in terms of fast or fresh? It seems that for most of America, the correct answer must be fast.

Just a few days ago, as I was walking from Shoprite back to my dorm building, I noticed the repulsively large line of cars waiting in the drive thru for McDonald’s. With two plastic bags of fresh produce in each of my hands, I looked at this drive thru line with a frown upon my face, wondering what motivates people to actually wait in line for something as cheaply made as fast food.

I am currently a college student, so I am well aware of what a small budget looks like, but yet I never find myself wanting to eat in a fast food restaurant. Those bags of fresh produce that I purchased at Shoprite cost me as little as $13. If wanting fast food is driven by an issue of cost, maybe people should rethink how much is actually spent in a grocery store.

Although fast food might seem quick, convenient, and low priced, the health benefits are practically nonexistent. Fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, are the reason that America is quickly becoming overweight. People are completely disregarding the fact that by walking into a grocery store, and spending under $20, you will not only benefit money wise, but health wise as well.

The food itself is not the only issue that I have when it comes to fast food restaurants; the drive thru is my biggest concern. Now, not only can people consume food items that are composed of who-knows-what, but they no longer have to leave the vehicle to get it. It takes as little effort as driving up to a speaker, pressing a button to roll down the window, verbalizing the menu item that you have selected, and driving up to the next window to hand over the cash and receive your “meal.”

Even though the drive thru may seem convenient when in a rush, the thing that shocked me the most about this McDonald’s was the length of the drive thru line, when customers could have easily parked their cars and gone inside. This laziness to get out of the car and walk into the restaurant is what really drove me insane. Considering that I had just walked to Shoprite to purchase my food, seeing a line of idling vehicles awaiting fast food orders struck a nerve.

I believe that it is time for America to start taking initiative to get moving and stay healthy. Instead of waiting for a change to occur, while in the drive thru of a McDonald’s, let’s get up out of our seats and travel down the road to a healthier lifestyle.