Experiential Learning Through Purebred Records

Purebred Records is an independent student-run record label created at the University of New Haven. Purebred is an entity of the music industry designed to “familiarize students with the organization of independent record labels through experiential learning” according to Taryne Ross, member of the legal committee.

The course, taught by lecturer and advisor Murray Krugman, can be taken for up to three credits every semester and is open to all majors. Students are expected to participate in every aspect of the industry, including artists and repertoire, promotions, business affairs, and administration.  Throughout the semester, students develop a set of skills that will prepare them for any role in the music industry: production, marketing, and distribution of a record.

“If you want to work in a label, no reason not to take this class. This is the place to make the mistakes, everything’s a learning experience,” said Josh Lodge.

Jei Woods, head of the legal committee, had similar thoughts.

“It doesn’t matter your major. Here, students are able to create a network for the future…The world is your oyster,” said Woods.

The mission of Purebred Records is to become more involved with the university community and more recognizable on and off campus.  In recent years, the label has signed singer/songwriter Mikki Hommel, pop punk band On the Fritz, and experimental pop artist Jose Oyola & the Astronauts.

“The record is run by different students every semester, so ideas are constantly changing, which really reflects the music industry,” said Woods.

The Purebred team has worked overtime these past few semesters, between co-sponsoring events with organizations on campus and marketing events.. Next semester, they hope to have a radio show and concert with the Music Industry Club. Other upcoming events include a Winter sale event from Dec 4-6th in the Bartels tabling space and a show with Music with a Mission in the Spring semester.

“We are here to serve the student body,” said Ross.

Connect with the Purebred Record Label Team and find out how to get involved via Facebook and Twitter.