Pseudo-Police Officer Kills 21

Melanie Rovinsky

AFGHANISTAN–Twenty-one police officers are dead and 20 officials are injured after a suicide bomber disguised as a policeman blew up explosives in a police training center, officials reported.

The bomber walked into the police training center dressed in police uniform. The Interior Ministry recognized this to be a common Taliban method used in many other sophisticated attacks.

According to the Associated Press, the Taliban takes full responsibility for this incident. Over the phone, one of the group’s spokesmen said that the Taliban is accountable for the event, and they will continue to attack Afghan government officials and foreign troops.

Juma Gul Himat, the provincial police chief, said that in addition to the deaths and injuries, the police facility was damaged in the explosion.

Taliban activity has been increasing since the group’s defeat in 2001, following a U.S. invasion. The activity is especially prominent in southern Afghanistan, where the Taliban focuses on fighting against the government and international military troops.

President Barack Obama plans to send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, raising the number of foreign troops stationed there to 100,000. He and his administration hope to diminish Taliban power and strengthen Afghan government.