Proof That the Federal Government Does Not Read the News

The Charger Bulletin

Recently there have been massive ice storms in Kentucky and Arkansas that have left thousands of people in the dark with no power, almost impossible conditions, and little food.

During tragedies such as this one, in comes the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA’s main role is to provide relief so that the citizens of this country feel safe from natural disasters and various emergencies. It would seem, though, that FEMA does not think before it acts. In a large act of heroism, it supplied emergency food packets to citizens all over the two states. Contained in these packets were small one-ounce packs of peanut butter…you see where this is going? That very peanut butter was RECALLED before it was sent out and FEMA did not notice until it was distributed and some of it consumed. Now I know a few Criminal Justice and Fire Science majors who want to work for FEMA and after a blunder like this I think that they are NEEDED. To not notice something like that could have, and may still, cause a massive outbreak of salmonella.

Wow, FEMA for the win right?

Well it would seem that no one noticed this small issue until it was too late, and I know all of our Criminal Justice teachers here drive us to notice things. So the next time someone says that they need a job in this field I would like you to think about taking the one of the person who decided it would be a good idea to send peanut butter. I mean seriously, the federal government needs to start paying attention before people start to die from their negligence. Only so much incompetence can be taken before the people take action.

-Bradley Reed, USGA Senator