Print Green

The Charger Bulletin

To All Students:

As part of the University’s overall effort to be more eco-friendly and reduce the amount of print paper that is wasted each year on campus, we will initiate a new print management program for all undergraduate and graduate students effective November 9.

The costs of printing extend beyond the use of paper and toner to include purchasing the devices, the staff assistance needed to maintain the equipment and other supplementary resources.  The fact that much of this cost is expended on printing that is duplicated, never used or sometimes not even picked up is a clear indication that valuable resources are being wasted.  As the University continues to expand its campus-wide green program, we believe that the new print management program is needed.

After meeting with the USGA, which provided substantial input, the new “Print Green” program will include 225 free page prints per undergraduate student each semester and 150 free page prints per graduate student each trimester. There will be no print credit for intersession or summer session.  The amount of free page prints should meet the printing requirements for the majority of students on campus.  After the initial number of free page prints is reached, charges will take effect for any additional printing. The rates will be 8 cents per page for black and white prints (single-sided or double-sided) and 50 cents per page for color prints.  Printers are located in the library as well as in computer labs throughout campus.

Students will need to use their ID cards to access the free page prints as well pay for all additional printing. We encourage all students to get a campus ID, if you have not all ready done so.  Using a Charger account will be the only way to receive your free print credits or to purchase additional credits. To better support this new initiative, we will be installing a new cash value machine in the library to better serve you.  This new system will make it easier for you to add Charger cash to your campus card for printing and other purposes. A website will be available for students to submit problems that may require a credit to their Charger account.

As we move forward to implement the program beginning November 9, each student will be issued 100 free print credits for the remainder of the fall 2009 semester/trimester. This amount should be sufficient to cover most students’ printing needs.  Additional print credits (225 pages for undergraduates and 150 pages for graduate students) will be issued at the beginning of the winter/spring term. In the future, this print credit will be issued to all undergraduate and graduate students at the beginning each academic semester or trimester.

We will be monitoring the new print management program very closely over the next year and will examine ways to make enhancements if needed.  We will be adding a color printer in the library and will maintain spare equipment in case a printer breaks down.  From now until November 9, we will be upgrading software, reconfiguring printers, testing the system and developing support documentation for the program.  My staff and I are totally committed to servicing our entire campus community and we appreciate your understanding.

Also, there is no rollover of unused print credits from previous semesters/trimesters.


Vincent Mangiacapra
Associate Vice President for Information Technology & CIO

University of New Haven