President’s Corner

James Kielar


Look alive! Now that you’re all well-rested and energized from Spring Break, it’s time to push onward and finish out the semester strong! Give it your all, shoot for the stars, and make the rest of your time count!

As you all know, USGA elections took place March 8, 9, and 10. Congratulations to all the applicants, even those who did not receive the necessary amount of votes, for putting yourself out there and trying your hardest! Please note that none of the three Presidential candidates received 51% of the vote, therefore there will be a run-off election this week, March 22, 23, and 24, between the top two vote-receiving candidates: Samantha Moul and Mackenzie Upshaw. Please look out for an email and cast a vote!

As we move forward from this semester’s midway point, remember that it’s not too late to get involved, make new friends, or raise your GPA. Keep fighting the good fight, I’m rooting for you!

James Kielar
USGA President