President’s Corner

James Kielar


Please keep a few things in mind as you tackle yet another week of college. First, you are awesome. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they’re probably just jealous. Second, haters will try to hold you back. It’s not you, it’s them. Don’t try to understand haters; they are their own breed of people unable to be appeased. Do what makes you happy and everything else will fall into place.

This week, I encourage you to attend the Career Expo on Oct. 1 in the RecCenter from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. Throw on some business attire, beef-up your resumes, and let the job market know what you have to offer. After the Career Expo, go check out the Bergami Dining Hall which is opening the same day. Big things, I know.

While your academics are your top priority at college, I urge you to also join some clubs, meet some new people. Life experience is learned in the in-between moments of college. Life experience may not be graded with an A-F scale, but rather in the moments where you learn about yourself. Don’t be afraid to give yourself an A every now and then; you deserve it.

James Kielar
USGA President