President’s Corner

Richard Rotella


I would like to congratulate all of the contestants who participated in USGA’s yearly tradition of Last Man Standing. You all did a fantastic job and you showed a lot of talent.

Richard Rotella, USGA President (Chariot Yearbook photo)
Richard Rotella, USGA President (Chariot Yearbook photo)

As we inch closer to finals, your school work will begin to pile up and you are going to have to work hard to meet all the deadlines. Just remember that in the next couple of weeks, you must find creative ways of completing that work and will have to try to “fit ten pounds in a five pound bag.”

Since this is the last issue, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to serve as your student government President. This opportunity was both an honor and a privilege. Each of you helped me grow as a person and showed me the resilience of the human spirit.
As always send me an email with any question, comments or concerns to [email protected] Good luck on finals and have a great summer.

With best wishes for a bright future,
Richard J. Rotella
USGA President