Presidential Candidates

The Charger Bulletin

 This week, the Charger Bulletin Staff asked Presidential and Treasurer candidates to answer a question regarding their perceived goals. We graciously thank all of the USGA candidates for their willingness to demonstrate their dedication to the UNH student body. Please do not forget to vote!

Question: “As President, how would you seek to improve communications between the USGA and the general student body?”

Zani Imetovski

As USGA President I will improve communication between the student government and the students we represent by first always making myself available to the student body. This will be done by going table to table in Bartels and asking directly from the students what issues they feel need to be addressed. For a large part of the student population they don’t even know what Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) actually is or does, so I believe I must also not only improve communication but also create channels of communication between the USGA and those students, therefor making the USGA transparent and available to everyone. Advertisements and social media will help us in getting the word out about the USGA, but it also needs to be personal interactions between the USGA President and the students we represent. In the end USGA needs to listen to the issues brought forth by the students and then voice those concerns to the administration. The USGA president must also provide ideas and be proactive in solving those issues.


Ryan “RJay” Irons

If I was President of Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA), I would seek to improve communications between USGA and the general student body by using all popular social media that the students use. Popular sites and resources like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Charger Bulletin, WNHU, Campus TV services in each building, and more are the go to places for students. By having a USGA account that students could follow or information at places readily accessible, would allow for the students to see what’s going on with the University and with USGA as a whole. A lot of times, students do not want their inboxes flocked with emails and by using these social media sites, it will allow for quicker access to the information students are seeking. By posting important topics that will be discussed at the upcoming USGA meetings, would enable the general student body members who normally do not attend meetings to attend and voice their opinion which I believe would be a change from previous semesters. As a small campus, our students are able to have their voice heard and are more of a name than just a face in the crowd and if elected, I challenge myself to seek out to meet as many of you as I can so that I can properly represent you as your elected student body official.


Arnold Lane

Communication is key in any organization. My hope for the USGA would be to get student involvement promoted in the classroom. The dynamics of social media and email messages are overwhelming, so much that people bypass important events, workshops, dates, etc. If we as a University start talking about the student government, leadership development, and getting involved in classrooms throughout the different colleges, it would be the best way to get the word out and communicate what’s happening in the USGA. Students use Facebook and Twitter to complain about campus issues, but if University professors provide them with the necessary outlets of where to go and who specifically to speak to it would serve our organization to the fullest. Campus involvement has to come from everyone, keeping the University staff and faculty in the loop is probably the best way to improve communication with the student body.