President Kaplain Visits USGA


At our Sept. 30 meeting, President Kaplan came to hear from students what they would like to see happen on campus. As always, our students were not shy. Many of your representatives from both the House of Representatives as well as the Senate brought up ideas that should be implemented immediately.

Students spoke about the amount of litter on campus and the need for more garbage receptacles in heavily-populated areas, which was ironically the subject of my article last week. A member of the House of Representatives brought up the fact that the desks in many of the rooms are small, broken, and in need of replacement. Many students spoke about dinning services and possibly extending the dining hours both for breakfast as well as extending hours for dinner and opening up Sandellas earlier to ease the load on the Echlin Dining Hall.

President Kaplan also spoke about how the university has added 24 laptop computers in the library which students can borrow from the circulation desk. This brings the total number of laptops in the library to 36, which means their are now 90 total computer units available in the library. They will also be upgrading their wireless in the library to a new high-speed system as well as adding two additional print stations.