Praising SCOPE…And It’s Not Even December!

Zack Rosen

Every student pays a fee each year, a good percentage of which goes to the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA). This money, which adds up to over $1.1 million this year, is split amongst all of the USGA-recognized clubs, organizations, classes, and medias: The Chariot Yearbook, The Charger Bulletin, and the Student Committee Of Programming Events (SCOPE).

To show you just how much money some of these groups get, for the 2009-2010 academic year SCOPE received a budget of over $520,000. This money goes towards planning such amazing events such as this past week’s Family Feud game show, this week’s Big E trip, Rock ‘n’ Roll Week, and of course Spring Concert and Spring Weekend!

This past weekend, SCOPE was supposed to have a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure. Unfortunately, due to circumstances completely out of their control, they had to postpone the trip until a later date. While I have heard some individuals complain that the trip was cancelled, I completely commend SCOPE Chair Glenn Altshuler and Weekend Programming Committee Heads Dave McKinney and Samantha Drotar.

Something that many of you may not notice, you see, is that all of these positions are held by UNH students. The USGA President, SCOPE Co-Chairs, The Charger Bulletin Editor-in-Chief (hey, that’s me!) and Assistant Editor, and the Chariot Yearbook Editor and Assistant Editor, as well as numerous other positions, are all held by students at the University of New Haven. We go through an application process, an interview process, and then must be elected in by two-thirds of the USGA legislature (also comprised of students!).

While taking a break for the first time all week this past Friday in the SCOPE office, I witnessed Glenn, Dave, and Sam do an outstanding job to get things fixed for the Six Flags trip. Next time before complaining that something didn’t work out perfectly, remember that a lot of work went into the event’s planning and execution. All of us take classes, many of us have part-time jobs, and we have other clubs and organizations that we are a part of. Some of us are leaders of other groups, managers at restaurants, or Resident Assistants for ORL.

Sure, we get a stipend: this IS a job afterall. Sure, we get great information for our resume, and sure we get great experience for all of the work and planning that we do. Most importantly, however, we affect the lives of thousands of UNH students.

The SCOPE co-chairs and committee heads may be students first, but they’re a close second place as successful planners.  Next time you pass by anyone involved in SCOPE, thank them for all the hard work they’ve already done – and enjoy the hundreds of thousands of dollars of work they put in each and every year! With all their hard work and dedication, this year will be sure to please.