Praise Needs To Be Given…

Of all the different clubs and organizations at the University of New Haven, no one is as active as SCOPE. They do events during the week and at least two every weekend, Rock and Roll Week, Spring Concert and Spring Carnival, comedians, hypnotists, movies every Friday and Sunday, work the sound system at a huge amount of campus events for other clubs and organizations, and so much more.
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This past weekend was, of course, Spring Weekend. From an elephant, Third Eye Blind, free cotton candy, a mini roller coaster, and Last Comic Standing winner John Heffron, there was tons to do. I don’t have an editorial about politics this week, or something bad on campus. This editorial is simply a huge high five to everyone at SCOPE for all of the hard work they do. And an extra high five for SCOPE’s current lone Co-Chair, Amanda ZeRuth. She has taken SCOPE as her sole responsibility for the past semester: overseeing the 11+ SCOPE committee heads, the huge number of volunteers and general members, and planning hundreds of thousands of dollars of events this year.

For all of the members of SCOPE, don’t feel for a minute that you’re unappreciated. I think if people realize that Spring Weekend simply would not happen without you, they would see how important each of you are. If they see that you were working, nonstop, from 6:00am Friday to 3:00am Saturday for the concert, then about 7:00am to 2:00am for the Spring Carnival, they would see how important each of you are. If they see that you are in the office for hours each day, planning events every day, working with agents, performers, and companies every week, and dealing with last-minute problems that may arise, people would see how important each of you are.
SCOPE is one of those reasons you choose to stay at the University of New Haven. Personally, they’re more than just a committee on programming events; they’re my friends and family. For those in SCOPE who are graduating this year, I think it goes without saying that you will be sorely missed.

If you see any of these people, please thank them for all of their hard work. They, along with advisors Greg Overend and Lisa Saverese, are the reason campus events are so amazing each week. It’s a pleasure to not only know them, but to be friends with every one of them.
Mallorie Frohlinger, Glenn Altshuler, Kelsey Shaw, Dave Mckinney, Rachel Nichols, Lindsay Lynch, Jackie McCreedy, Kelsey Morrison, Tyler Salovin, Bryan Saliski, and B.C. Hollies.