Playlist of the Week: Homecoming 101

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Homecoming – Here’s a crash course to the homecoming concert featuring 30H!3 and the University of New Haven’s own, Crystal Clear.


With their breakout hit into the industry, 30H!3 hits listeners hard with their interesting use of lyrics and upbeat tones.

My First Kiss – 30H!3 (feat. Kesha) –

“My First Kiss” is among the catchier 3OH!3 songs, with a cool hook that revolves around rapid hand-claps.

STARSTRUKK -30H!3 (feat. Katy Perry)

 Katy Perry joins this duo on their second single from their 2008 album “Want.” Perry’s voices bring out the duos spoken word tunes, leaving them with a dance hit.

Double Vision – 30H!3 

Double Vision is a fun and charming pop track that is sure to get dancers on their feet. As the lyrics suggest, this song is perfect for a drunken night out.

Déjà Vu – 30H!3 

The duo showcases their vocals a bit more rather than their normal spoken word raps.

Rough Draft – Crystal Clear 

A song to surely get anyone off of their feet, Rough Draft is a faster track that leaves listeners wanting to sing along.

Crowded Brain – Crystal Clear 

Crowded Brain was the first single off Crystal Clear’s debut album “If You Were Awake”. Juniors, Jake Goode and Ken Fabian vocals blend well together in this crowd favorite.

Baby Steps – Crystal Clear 

This feel good song knows how to make any listener smile while moving to the contagious beat.

Who Am I Kidding – Crystal Clear

Breakups are never easy, and this song lets listeners know that they’re not alone with their breaking heart.

Boys, Boys – Crystal Clear

Junior Jo Sinta lets her vocals flourish in “Boys, Boys.” Yet again, Crystal Clear leaves listeners lost in their feelings with this beautifully written track.