Playboy Bunny Love Goes Unappreciated

Melanie Rovinsky

LOS ANGELES–Playboy model and one of Hugh Hefner’s live-in girlfriends, Kendra Wilkinson, has recently stirred up trouble by declaring her fondness for the Olive Garden restaurant. Whether it be on her MySpace page or on her reality TV series, The Girls Next Door, Wilkinson openly boasts about her love for Olive Garden delicacies such as the breadsticks and chicken parmesan.

The Olive Garden Kendra.jpgmarketers, however, are not pleased with the free publicity. The family-friendly chain feels that Wilkinson’s controversial lifestyle is contradictory to the values the restaurant continually strives to embody.

Wilkinson’s admiration for the Olive Garden extends far beyond the good food and familial atmosphere. She has currently embarked on a search for the sexiest Olive Garden employees. Wilkinson reasons that the people working at these establishments are “usually really hot.”

In an attempt to distance themselves from the problem, Olive Garden officials have declined the invitation to discuss their unwanted spokesperson. However, the restaurant’s lack of attention has done little to dissuade the playboy bunny from speaking her mind. Wilkinson claims that unless the Olive Garden pays her to stop saying she loves the restaurant, she has no intention of withholding her opinion.