Phi Sigma Sigma Brings the Heat


Christina Genovese

Phi Sigma Sigma sorority hosted their second annual fall philanthropy event Phi Sig Inferno on Sunday, October 2. The event was to raise money for the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation for School and College Readiness. Through this foundation, they help provide scholarships and school supplies for kids who cannot otherwise have access to them.

The sorority tabled in Jazzman’s Café throughout the week where they informed people about the event and where people could register their teams. The registration fee for each team member was ten dollars that was donated to the cause. Many teams signed up full of people from different Greek organizations or people that are not involved in Greek life.

The event took place in the Beckerman Recreation Center, where the teams participated in various activities and relays. There was an inflatable obstacle course, a dance off, tug of war, a balloon popping relay, a tricycle race, a potato sack race, and a game of “Sally Says” which is “Simon Says,” but using the sorority’s mascot Sally.

Members new and old really enjoyed this event and loved supporting it to raise all the money that it did. It was a day full of activities, ending with a barbeque in the Bixler- Botwinick quad.

Kimmy Trabusli, the Phi Sigma Sigma Philanthropy chair orchestrated Phi Sig Inferno this year.

“It was a really gratifying experience because before I became involved in Phi Sigma Sigma I had interviewed someone in charge of this event, so it’s really great to be on the other side of it now. We raised $3340 to put towards our cause,” Trabulsi said.

Katie Herzberg is a sophomore who joined Phi Sigma Sigma in the previous spring semester, this was her first time being involved in the Phi Sig Inferno event.

Herzberg said, “It’s so fun, and it’s for a really great cause. It’s nice to have teams from different Greek organizations on campus, and some Phi Sigma Sigma alumni and see everyone enjoy themselves.

Kimberly Minier, another member of the sorority, said, “I love that inferno really brings the school together for a better cause.”

When the Phi Sig Inferno event was held last year it was a weeklong with different activities each night, and this year they made a change. The Phi Sigma Sigma President Nina Zannino was very happy with how the event went this year.

Zannino said, “We did switch it up this year with the event only being one day, and it really gathered together the campus community for a great day all to raise money for the kids.”

One of the other Greek Organizations that came to support Phi Sigma Sigma’s event was University of New Haven fraternity Kappa Gamma Rho.

President of Kappa Gamma Rho, Brandon Miller, said “It was very fun, I’m so happy they raised so much money, and I’m glad my team contributed. We enjoyed playing the games and loved tug of war.”

Phi Sigma Sigma and active participants raised over $3,000, collectively, for the foundation to keep the tradition of success alive in their chapter.

Look out for this annual event next fall, and for all Phi Sigma Sigma does throughout the year for their philanthropy.