Patriots Prepare to Part Ways with Brady

The Charger Bulletin

By Cleopatra Bunberry – Staff Condom Quality Control Specialist

Mark your calendars. The end of the 2010 NFL season will be the beginning of a lot of new things: a change in playoff overtime standards, the end of a season dominated by the lack of a salary cap, and the end of the New England Patriots dynasty. Despite reports currently flooding the internet, sources close to Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft say the decision to part ways with quarterback Tom Brady is swiftly approaching.

After a lackluster season, where multiple mistakes and botched throws caused the offense to lose many important games, it is with little surprise that the franchise has considered cutting ties with the once revered quarterback. An unimpressive, almost embarrassing show during playoffs suggests a need for a shake up, and many in New England feel the position of quarterback is the easiest place to start.

Tom Brady, an unexpected first draft pick for the New England Patriots, led the team to multiple Super Bowls and multiple titles. The team, considered a powerhouse amongst contenders in the AFC, has started to seen struggle across the offensive line. Shakeups caused by defensive blitzes have led to heavy pressure on Tom Brady. Age, increasing pressure, and the start of a new family suggests the end for the quarterback.

Currently, Robert Kraft is vowing to keep Tom Brady in his position. Reports suggest that the team “won’t allow Tom Brady to leave.” However, recent motions made by the team in free agency scouting and draft preparation are saying otherwise. Scouts have been seen looking at some of the year’s most popular quarterback candidacies (including Tim Tebow) and negotiations with heralded quarterback Brett Favre have already begun.

What does this announcement, one that has been shrouded in mystery and obscurity, mean for New England Patriots’ fans? Expect Tom Brady to be on the roster for 2010, but with limited playing time and multiple rotations. Draft day will probably bring around a new quarterback prospect or a longer, more direct contract will be created for the current back up.

Favre may make his first appearance in the blue and white, or expect another high-ranked quarterback to show up in New England (Jake Delhomme). While Brady is expected to last most of the 2010 season, mainly due to contract restrictions, it is also expected that tensions between the quarterback and head coach Bill Belichick will be visible and intense.

Brady’s move from the New England Patriots won’t be official until right before the 2011 season, but expect an announcement early in 2010. Someone will surely slip to the press, and the dynasty that has been the New England Patriots will fall to another AFC contender. For more details, visit