Panhellenic Council’s Host Spring Recruitment


Panhellenic recruitment ran this past week, encompassing four panhellenic organizations on campus: Chi Kappa Rho, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Delta Phi Epsilon. The theme across all of Panhel was Disney, specifically focusing on the princesses and fairytales.

Each sorority represented a different fairytale with Alpha Sigma Alpha represented Cinderella, Chi Kappa Rho represented Beauty and the Beast, Delta Phi Epsilon represented The Little Mermaid, and Phi Sigma Sigma represented Aladdin.

“This year Panhellenic wanted to focus on finding women a home in Greek Life. What better way is there to represent that than with castles and princesses that find where they belong during the course of their trials and tribulations, during their fairy tales,” explained Stephanie Pratt, Panhellenic Council Treasurer and Alpha Sigma Alpha Standards Chairman.

Two orientations began the recruitment process on Friday and Saturday, followed by a week that consisted of potential new members having the chance to explore the organizations three times throughout the week. These three days for each organization included a sisterhood event, a philanthropy event, and a preference night. Potential new members were led around throughout the week by Rho Gammas, members of the various sororities participating in recruitment that had dissociated themselves from their organizations to help students through the process in as unbiased a way as possible. Delta Phi Epsilon and Alpha Sigma Alpha held their events on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday while Phi Sigma Sigma and Chi Kappa Rho help theirs on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

This was all followed by Bid Day on Friday (Feb. 3), which was held in the Recreation Center for all four organizations. Potential new members were extended bids where they were welcomed “home” to their new organization. Rho Gammas were also welcomed back into their organizations.

“It is a very exciting time for everyone as Rho Gammas get to re-associate, new members find out their homes, and organizations get to meet their new sisters,” Pratt said of Bid Day.

Pratt is not the only one who enjoys the atmosphere of Bid Day. Many current sorority members look forward to Bid Day every semester, as it is a time of celebration and growth for all Panhellenic Sororities.

“My favorite part of the week was the giant Bid Day celebration in the recreational center when every org welcomed home their new members and their rho gammas/panhel board members,” said Jessica Caliendo, President of Chi Kappa Rho, as she shared her thoughts on Bid Day.

“My favorite part of the week was seeing the sheer joy on the girls faces when they got their bids, but also seeing our sisters happiness when welcoming our new members home,” agreed Victoria Fedak, Vice President of recruitment for Delta Phi Epsilon.

The week was a huge success for all participating students, from current organization members to the many potentially new members who participated in hopes of finding their home in one of the organizations.

“I am so happy with the way it turned out and the lovely new members we gained in the process,” said Fedak.

“Everyone was so amazing! I would definitely consider it a successful recruitment,” agreed Caliendo.

While Panhellenic recruitment is over, there is still many more exciting things coming on the horizon for those involved with Greek life on campus. “In the future I am looking most forward to getting to know our new members even better and making them feel truly at home. I also look forward to watching our sorority continues to grow,” shared Caliendo.