Out of all NE-10 schools, UNH raises the most for Make-A-Wish

Samantha Mathewson

The University of New Haven was awarded for raising the most money for Make-A-Wish Foundation out of all Northeast-10 schools.

Last year’s winners of Chargers Got Talent (Charger Bulletin photo)
Last year’s winners of Chargers Got Talent (Charger Bulletin photo)

A plaque was presented to UNH by the NE-10 conference after UNH’s Student Athletic Advisory Committee raised $4,241 through events including Chargers Got Talent, collection at Football Games, Pizza Challenge at Football Community Day, Hall of Fame baskets and program sales from hosting NE-10 conference tournament games.

“Our student-athletes are tremendous examples in the community, in the class room and on their playing surfaces,” said Larry Earnesty, associate director of athletics, NCAA compliance and student welfare.

Chargers Got Talent raised $1,440, Hall of Fame Baskets raised $955 and Football Game Initiatives $1,550. Chargers Got Talent had more than 500 people in attendance, while the Hall of Fame dinner had roughly 150 alumni and supporters of UNH Athletics. Comparative to previous years, $4,007 was raised in 2012-2013 and $2,510 was raised in 2011- 2012.

“Their hard work and dedication to Make-A-Wish foundation earned them the recognition amongst our peer institutions in the NE-10,” said Earnesty. “Now that our group achieved this award, they want to raise even more money and try to win again in the 2014-2015 academic year.”

Earnesty’s role in SAAC is to support student-athletes in their initiatives and leadership opportunities. SAAC is designed to provide student-athletes a voice to the athletic administration about issues and concerns related to their athletic experience, while developing their own individual leadership experiences.

“We (SAAC) were striving for this award last year and we only lost by a small amount, so this past year we stepped up and created an event to promote Make- A-Wish and Community Involvement,” said Lindsey Conley, SAAC President. “Our new event was Chargers Got Talent and that event was the largest we have ever put on, since it was made mandatory for all athletic teams to come up with an act, where they were able to showcase their abilities off their respective fields. It was a way for SAAC to reach out to the campus community and find support in ways we hadn’t before.”

This year SAAC has set a new goal for themselves.

“Now that we have surpassed our previous goal, which was $4,000, by collecting $4,425, our new goal is to reach between $4,500 and $5,000,” said Conley. “Last year, we didn’t have Charger Ball, so this year, with that addition, we hope to reach our new goal.”

Last year, the Charger Ball was cancelled because of scheduling and weather conflicts, so money from ticket sales was reimbursed.

“This year, the Charger Ball will be masquerade themed and super fun!” said Conley.

SAAC representatives are still brainstorming new ideas for more events to raise even more money, but no new events are set in stone. However, all events that have been held in past years will be held again this year.