OSA Brings Thursdays Back on Campus

The Charger Bulletin

WEST HAVEN–Many students are aware that Thursday nights are typically good nights to cruise downtown New Haven. While New Haven offers a decent club scene, Thursdays usually don’t have much to offer for those who would like to stay on campus. Recently, the Office of Student Activities has sought to turn this situation around by creating Twisted Thursdays.

Organized by Graduate Assistant Alex Limauro, Twisted Thursdays are aimed at providing students with an alternative activity other than going downtown. The programs started off with a taco social, followed by a chocolate fountain and stress balls the next week. Some upcoming events include game night with pizza and wings, a bowling trip, pumpkin carving and painting, a comedian, and loaded potatoes.

“We are really trying to offer a variety of events so that we attract a variety of students,” said Limauro, “I’m hoping that as weeks go by more and more students will start taking advantage of the things we plan.”

Events are primarily planned to match week themes. For example, last week’s chocolate fountain and stress balls event was planned to emphasize Beat the Blues Week. Loaded potatoes will highlight Alcohol Awareness Week.

When asked how the idea of Twisted Thursdays was started, Limauro explained that it was a collaborative process. “Greg Overend and I were talking and we realized that Thursdays just didn’t have much to offer students on campus. After that, he assigned me to the project and I’ve been planning events ever since,” said Limauro.

With two successful events already in the past, Twisted Thursdays show promise for getting plenty of student attention and interest. Anyone looking for something to do on a Thursday night should check them out. Look for announcements regarding upcoming Thursday programs from Student Activities.