Opioid addiction is real

Recently, more than 90 people overdosed on K2 in New Haven. K2 is a form of synthetic marijuana.

Although there are reports that the drug has positive effects like improved mood, relaxation, and certain altered perceptions, it also has psychotic effects and life-threatening results such as; confusion, hallucinations, violent behavior, suicidal tendencies and increased heart rate.

College students are among the largest group of drug abusers.

Students get addicted to opioids and alcohol because of their college atmosphere. From college parties and the stress,students may end up using opioids. More than a third of full-time college students engaged in binge drinking and one in five has used an illicit drug.

Opioid addiction along with alcohol and other drugs has become a serious matter on college campuses. The issue isn’t shrinking but only getting bigger.

According to an article in the New York Times, opioid related deaths among people age 24 and younger has doubled from 2005 to 2015 to over 3,000. Along with that, opioid related ER visits by younger people doubled as well between 2009 to 2014.

Families who have lost loved ones are doing their part to raise awareness about opioid addiction.

The Lucas Family of Rochester, New York, held a motorcycle poker run to raise awareness for opioid addiction. The event was twofold, raising awareness and money to help a local organization that helps people who battle with addiction.

Education on opioid addiction is the first step in solving this.  Proper knowledge on the effects and causes can help students understand the severity of the issue. Education can also push students who are struggling with addiction to get help.