Ohio Bans Smoking on College Campuses

Cristal Reyes

It is clear that it is not the 1950s anymore.

Poodle skirts are out of style, televisions do not need antennas, and almost everyone has an iPhone.

Most importantly, society has a completely different view of cigarettes. For years, it has not been acceptable to smoke in certain places such as parks, restaurants, and hospitals. People have become aware that cigarettes are not “cool” or simply harmless.

In fact, there are hundreds of advertisements and projects that encourage citizens to quit the dangerous habit.

Recently, a huge breakthrough in the anti-cigarette movement has occurred.

Ohio higher education officials have voted unanimously to urge the state’s college campuses to put a ban on all tobacco use, both indoors and outdoors.

In addition, the vote also encourages a ban on selling and advertising tobacco. Even though the State Health Department favors the bans, the decision is ultimately up to each institution’s board of trustees.

Supporters expect that the rest of the nation will follow in Ohio’s footsteps since Ohio State University is one of the nation’s largest universities.

Currently, Miami University is the only public Ohio university that bans smoking on campus along with several private colleges.

Of course, the movement has stirred a debate. Many consider smoking to be a personal choice or habit, such as reading or scrapbooking.

The question on their minds is, would smokers be stripped of certain rights as Americans? Or is second-hand smoke stripping people’s right to be healthy?