Oh, What an Election

Leeandre Richards

I could talk about the presidential debate and how lucky we are to have two highly opinionated

candidates, but I rather not. The reason being that whoever gets chosen as the next president,

out of our current candidates, doesn’t matter because the country will suffer either way.

People are more involved with this election than probably any other election because it is too

entertaining to watch. Frankly, I didn’t watch the debate because it wasn’t something that would

interest me anyway.

If you wanted to watch to people bicker about each other, then go watch a married couple who

constantly are having problems.

People are more upset about Donald Trump becoming president than Hillary but they would

rather have Donald because Hillary just isn’t quite pulling off the first Female president look plus

the other outrageous things that she did. Donald Trump is a great businessman who didn’t want

to run for president but here he is destroying the election, up until the debate that is.

What is it about watching the presidential election and waiting to see who the next president is,

which brings us joy? Why is it that important to us to watch it on T.V. or follow it on social

media? I mean it might be an exciting experience but does it truly satisfy us to find out who our

next president is?

As a society, we truly have some track record of being happy to have a great president without

stating all of the things he has done wrong throughout his term. Some people are extremely

engaged in politics that they don’t allow for some presidents to do their jobs, granted that some

presidents didn’t do a great job but it is hard when there’s a split vote between the House and

the Senate.

Anyway, some could argue that we had one candidate that could have been president—Bernie

Sanders—but America wasn’t ready for a man like him. His views are commendable and could

do a lot for this country but it wouldn’t be enough right now.

I think this election is thoroughly hurting the image that America stands for and has shown to its

foreign nations. Globally, we are probably viewed as a self-destructing nation because of this

election with two extreme candidates that could either start World War III or make us extremely

vulnerable to foreign attacks and humiliation.

We were once viewed as strong and a powerful nation that could solve foreign problems.

Although we aren’t usually welcomed everywhere, many nations relied on us for aid so the

question becomes: will they still rely on us after this election or will we be completely abandoned

from our foreign allies? Will this election truly end our name as one of the powerful nations in

the world?

I don’t know what this election would do us, but all I know is that I don’t like talking about it. This

election, politics in general, truly frustrates me because there is no end to corruption and

common sense isn’t common anymore—who knows if it ever was.

Which would it be: will the election make or break us?