Oh Fiddle Stx

Kat Wilberding

WEST HAVEN–Fiddle Stx! That’s right I said, “Fiddle Stx!” with no ‘i.’ This miniature indoor version of lacrosse is the third and final sport of RECSports’ first season. Fiddle stx games are played on Wednesday and Thursday nights and wrap up the week of intramurals sports very nicely.

If you haven’t seen any of the games this season, you can still check them out as the fiddle stx regular season continues today, tomorrow and next week. Fiddle stx games are worth the watch as they have been action-packed with the players really sacrificing all to win the games.
There is only one division of fiddle stx, but there are plenty of teams to keep the two nights busy. The level of participation has been great, especially considering that this is a new sport to the RECSports’ family.

I usually add in the highlights from the games this week, but due to the games being later in the week I thought I would mix it up a little this week. For all the latest scores and standings check out the RECSports bulletin board located across from the Equipment Issue Desk. Scores and standings are updated every Friday.

Now back to something different. In the first article on RECSports this year I talked about the Quest for the Charger Cup. Since then I’ve sadly not kept up in the articles with the competition. Let me change that.

The Quest is off to a great start this year with thirteen teams participating. The leader as of this moment is the Bangin’ Bulldogs team with 98 points followed by Team Dienasty with 71 points. Teams acquire points for submitting a team to any and all divisions of any and all sports offered during the RECSports’ four seasons. Points are awarded for each game the team participates in, win or lose, and for every RECSports survey submitted at the end of the season. So the more a team participates the more points they will accrue and the better the chance that the team will be the Charger Cup champions in May. Therefore, don’t forget that Season 2 registration started on Monday, Oct. 6. Even as Season 1 comes to a close with playoffs just around the corner, the Quest continues. So come out and participate.

Speaking of participation, this week’s participant of the week is the Bandits. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!