November movie releases to watch on Netflix

The end of the year may be creeping up, but new movies are still hitting theaters and streaming platforms. Whether you watch on the big screen in your own living room, on your mobile phone or another platform, here are a few new Netflix releases to look out for this month.

The Harder They Fall
“The Harder They Fall” is a western drama directed by Jeymes Samuel starring Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba and Regina King. The plot is about an outlaw named Nat Love who reassembles his old gang to seek revenge on the murderer of his parents, who was just released from prison. This movie has the potential to be huge; it is one of few Westerns where all principal cast members are Black. “The Harder They Fall” will be available to stream Nov. 3.

Love Hard
This festive rom-com comes just at the start of the holiday season. Starring Nina Dobrev, this movie follows a young woman from LA who travels to the East Coast to meet a man she met on a dating app only to find out she was catfished. To see this madness unfold before your own eyes, make some hot cocoa and stream “Love Hard” on Nov. 5.

“Passing” is the movie adaptation of the 1929 novel with the same name written by Nella Larson. The film stars Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga who play mixed-race women who were best friends as children and eventually reunite as adults. Although they are considered “white-passing,” they identify themselves as African American while others identify them as white. To see how their two different realities end up affecting each other, stream “Passing” on Nov. 10.

Red Notice
“Red Notice” is arguably one of the most anticipated Netflix movies of this year about an agent who tries to capture the most wanted art thief in the world. This action-packed movie features a star-studded cast including Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. The film is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, who has worked with Johnson on other action films like “Central Intelligence” (2016) and “Skyscraper” (2018). Expect “Red Notice” to drop on Nov.12.

The sports drama film “Bruised” starring Halle Berry is also her directorial debut. The movie is about a retired MMA fighter who returns to fighting after her young son, who she gave up for adoption, comes back into her life. “Bruised” will be available to watch on Nov. 24.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star
Although the third installment of The Princess Switch franchise doesn’t have a specific date, its release is confirmed for this month. This is another Christmas comedy that will get you into the holiday spirit. Vanessa Hudgens will be reprising her three roles as Stacy Juliette De Novo Wyndham, Lady Margaret Katherine Claire Delacourt and Lady Fiona Pembroke as they go on a quest to find the Star of Peace, the Vatican’s most prized treasure which was stolen.