No More Emails: Now What?

Joann Wolwowicz

Well since nearly everyone on this campus requested it, no more club emails! So, now what’s the problem? Apparently, now the issue seems to be in regards to event attendance; no one is going to events, because no one knows about them. See now how emails came in handy? Maybe some people should not have complained half as much about getting emails. I’m sure the clubs and organizations that have put on events recently have learned the value of club emails being sent to the whole campus. It really does affect the attendance level. Truth is, as the saying goes, we really do not appreciate something until it is are gone.

So how do clubs and organizations advertise their events to the whole campus now? The simple answer is ChargerConnection. On ChargerConnection, there is a virtual corkboard. After creating an event on the site, you have the option to upload a flyer. That flyer can then go through the proper channels to get approved to be posted on the cork board. So for those of you hosting events, attach those flyers to those events you create on ChargerConnection, so that they can at least be displayed there. Take advantage of what is being offered to you in regards to advertising now that emails have been discontinued.

Now, since we have this virtual cork board for all students to check and learn about events, why isn’t it working to bring more students to events? The reason is that students are simply not checking this system at all. It’s new, so of course many people are still getting accustomed to how this program works. However, there are still those students who don’t know about what ChargerConnection is or what it should be used for. Because there aren’t going to be any emails, at least for the time being, this is how advertising is going to need to be done.

Are student’s really happy with the new system? Well if you are a student who enjoys going to events on campus and learning what’s going on with different clubs and organizations, the new process actually makes more work for you in regards to learning about these events. You need to log into the system and look through all of the flyers on the board. It seems as if emails would have been easier. For those of you who are happy that all of the flyers are gone, because hitting the open and delete button was too much work for you, then you might be happy with the new system. However, now you are completely in the dark about what’s going on around campus, and if deleting emails is too much work for you, you certainly won’t check ChargerConnection daily. Maybe that’s the way you would like it, but shouldn’t you want to know what’s going on and be more involved?

The whole point of this is to emphasize that as students, our original complaint was heard that there were too many emails going out daily. This led to the rule of only two emails per event. So you cannot claim that no one is listening to the students. After even more complaining that that was still too many emails to delete, ChargerConnection was established to completely eliminate club emails. Is this the better solution to this problem? That’s yet to be determined just because it is so new. However, it’s clear already that events are suffering from lack of attendance. Maybe it is just due to the fact that students are not accustomed to checking the cork board often or at all, and it might just take some time. While everything is still being figured out, do try checking to see if there are any events going on around campus throughout the day, at night, or on weekends that you would be interested in. Just because emails have stopped, events have not. Clubs and organizations need students to attend events to make them a success. This factors into being able to actually be able to list these events are a success in USGA’s eyes to be able to receive funding for them in the future. Be proactive and check the cork board please.