No Link between Cancer and Cell Phones

Veronica Maciel

The largest study involving the idea of a link between cancer and cell phones was completed recently in Denmark after 15 years of research. The participants in this study were 400,000 Danish adults. The study has proven that there is no link between cancer and cell phones, even though it had some outliers, which are otherwise known as “statistical oddities” as one report calls them. However, those oddities are few and none and don’t affect the majority of the study.

Denmark’s study was conducted through the use of their national ID numbers, (similar to social security) cards that the Danish Government keeps track of and that cellphone companies keep linked to every account. These were used to cross check the health records of those with the cellphones. The health records consisted of checking the British Medical Journal for tumors of the central nervous system.

The study found that there was no correlation between the amount of years one has a cellphone and that person’s health related to cancer. However, this type of study doesn’t provide enough information to prove to skeptics that cell phones don’t cause cancer.

Doubters of this study want someone to conduct the “perfect” study. To conduct this kind of study, a researcher would have to have a large sample, similar to Denmark’s study, have a way to mark usage patterns, include children, and must be conducted over a long period of time.     These conditions need to be present for a multitude of reasons.

A large sample means that the group will be more representative of the whole population.     Usage patterns would be beneficial because it will provide any correlation between the amount of usage of a cellphone and the likelihood of brain cancer. And children must be included because cellphone radioactivity may affect children over a long period of time differently than it would adults. The study must also have extensively longevity because cancer takes years to develop to the point of noticeability.

The study conducted in Denmark is a decent study and gives a good explanation for the link between cellphones and cancer, but it is far from being the last study involving the two. Since over five billion people across the globe have cellphones, researchers want to be completely positive on the negative effects of cellphones. In the future, there will be many more cellphone and cancer related studies.