Nightmares of Parking


Leeandre Richards

If the school’s executives would ask me if I would prefer to have a new parking lot or a new building, which would be for high school students, I would choose the parking lot. Parking on campus is terrible because of the number of commuters, faculty, staff and other residents who drive that there is always a problem of parking after a certain time of the day. If there was a way to mitigate the situation, I would be somewhat more accepting of having a high school building on campus.

In all honesty, I would rather not have a high school building on campus, because it would create more problems between the college students and high school students. Now, there have been rumors that the current high school students are upset at us because we are destroying their education and it’s our fault. This reaction that they have towards us is nothing compared to how we feel about a building that could have been either another academic building or a bigger parking lot created for us U.N.H. students.

Although U.N.H. executives and President Kaplan are trying to do a good thing and promote our school, I think that they should have thought about dealing with our own internal issues first, such as expansion, and then work on external things. As a small college compared to others, it is always good to look to the future and see how we could expand and get a larger body of students from all over but I think that we should consider all the possible benefits and issues that could arise from doing certain things to expand.

When looking at the benefits, we shouldn’t ignore the increase of issues that could arise from those benefits because once this happens, the result would be having a student body that complains about every decision that you make. Even though I understand that you can’t make everybody happy, I do agree that finding new alternatives to the parking situation would make the student body satisfied without having them revolt or something.

Our current student body will continue to grow and I would think that the U.N.H. executives and President Kaplan should  keep this in mind. You can’t have a castle or nation or school without the people to rule or govern them. The people are what makes any organization, city, country great or terrible because they are the ones that you want to support and they are the ones that have the most power (sometimes they don’t realize it).

To be in higher levels of power is hard because choosing that hard right doesn’t always mean that the people would be happy. In the case of U.N.H., sometimes the executives have to make that choice but it doesn’t always appear that way in the eyes of someone apart of the people or student body.