Nicole Byer, Chris DiStefano Bring Laughs to Campus

Students gathered for laughs and a great time on the Saturday night of this year’s annual Spring Weekend. The comedian event was hosted by the Student Committee of Programing Events (SCOPE), in the David A. Beckerman Recreation Center with performances from featured comedians Nicole Byer, from Girl Code, and Chris DiStefano, from Guy Code. 

Lots of students were excited for these comedians because they are so well known.

“I like Girl Code and I like Guy Code so I’m really excited for the show and especially to see Nicole Byer,” said freshman Halie Flores.

DiStefano opened and he made jokes about Connecticut. He said he liked our campus, but that it seems very haunted.

Kacie Cressey, one of the three Entertainment Committee heads from SCOPE, said that her committee picks the artists. They work with their committee to choose the top 5 artists who are well liked, and then work with their agents to decide on the official picks. They decided that since Byer has been getting more popular that students would love to see her, and DiStefano was a major character on Guy Code.

This event is usually held at North Campus Gymnasium, but it was held on campus this year in the Rec Center. The concert was held in the Rec Center Friday night, and during the day on Saturday the carnival was held in the North Campus parking lot.

Kiana Quinonez, one of the three Entertainment Committee Heads for SCOPE, got to introduce DiStefano to the crowd before he went on stage. This was her first year with any SCOPE involvement. She said that having the event in the new venue was intense, but that getting to put on an event for the students was rewarding.

“It was nice to be on the other side of spring weekend and be the point of contact and make sure everyone has a great time. I got to walk around and see everyone have a great time and it was satisfying because we’re been working on this for so long,” said Quinonez.

Byer’s performance included a lot of interacting with the audience and she made a lot of sexual jokes. She told the audience how on one of her recent experiences on Delta Airlines, she found a piece of human fecal matter in her blanket in first class. Byer said she tweeted the airline, and they apologized to her and she made them give her lots of free airline miles.

“I got lost on the way to my hotel and ended up in the whitest part of Connecticut,” said Byer when asked about how she felt about traveling to perform at the University of New Haven. “However, it is very nice here.”