NFL Season is Around the Corner


The “new” NFL season is right around the corner and the New York Jets are on their way to starting the rebuilding process. With the releases of big time names like Nick Mangold, Darelle Revis and Brandon Marshall along with a few other players, the Jets have already freed up $30 million in cap space.

After a subpar second year under head coach Todd Bowles, the Jets Front Office decided it was time for a rebuild and whether they do that in the draft, free agency or both has yet to be determined, but with the amount of cap space they have freed up so far, it’s a no brainer that New York has the ability to go after some of the big names in the free agency pool.

The rebuilding doesn’t stop there however, there are a couple other big names on the Jets roster that could be on the chopping block. Marcus Gilchrist, Eric Decker, Sheldon Richardson, Calvin Pryor and Buster Skrine are all in danger of losing their roster spots. Both Richardson and Pryor could be dealt in trade since both players are former first-round picks. As of right now David Harris and the rest of the roster appear to be safe. The only way Harris could lose his spot on the roster would be if the Jets were to sign a inside linebacker in free agency.

This rebuilding process could spell out another bad season for Gang Green, but Coach Bowles is up for the challenge. It’s up to the players the put in the work on the field to make the Jets in the image of the Front Office. The Jets could make a run for players like Alshon Jeffery to replace Brandon Marshall, Stephone Gilmore to fill their much needed spot at cornerback, even Terrelle Pryor Sr. or DeSean Jackson if they end up cutting Eric Decker. The possibilities are endless for the Jets and as they continue to free up cap space the further they can reach for some of the big names in free agency.

Next season should be an interesting year for the New York Jets, both the team and their fans. Whatever big names the Jets bring in could make the Jets a contender again, I use the term contender loosely, but it will definitely take at least a year or two to build the chemistry they need between players, coaches and front office to be an above .500 team anytime soon.