NFL Players Go Missing

Erin Ennis

TAMPA BAY–On Saturday, Feb. 28, four men went fishing off the coast of Tampa Bay, Florida in a small ship. On Sunday, Mar. 1, the boat was found without the four men in it. Today, three of the four men still remain missing, with the fourth in intensive care in the hospital. The coast guard, as of Mar. 3, called off the search for the remaining men and called the situation a “hopeless and tragic case.”

Two of those men, Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper and defensive lineman Corey Smith, are noted stars in the NFL. They were known for their intense play style, rugged personalities, and tough positions. As the families of these potentially doomed men mourn, the NFL and its thousands of supporters wonder if they’ve lost two more players too young.

However, hope has not been lost for the lives of Cooper and Smith. Their families, using the salaries provided by the NFL, have set up extensive services in the hopes of finding the lost men. Experienced sailors and pilots have been offered thousands of dollars for their help in searching the Tampa Bay seas. The families of Cooper and Smith have asked for the support of anyone who has ever seen their sons play, and anyone who has ever had a son of their own.

The Coast Guard remains unoptimistic about finding the men alive.