New Year’s Resolution: Use the Library!

The Charger Bulletin


Happy New Year! For many people, perhaps you, that means a time to get out of a comfort zone and try something new; something that might help you become a better person in some way. For others, it might mean trying to improve on something you currently do but could do better. For 2013, if you are not a user of UNH library resources, why not make a resolution to learn about the resources available to you through the UNH library. The library offers many ways to help students improve their ability to find, analyze and effectively use information resources.

Why not start with the Library Tour Video? On the main library website (, just click on the video and take a 5 minute tour through the library. That way, you’ll know what to expect when you come to the library in person.

Workshops. We offer workshops for the UNH Community covering such topics as “Information: What is it? Where do you find it?”, “Journals: What they are, Why you need them & where to get them” and “Digital Citizenship”. This is a chance to learn about these issues and many others in a comfortable, small group environment and ask questions. If you are shy to come alone, talk a friend into coming along. Or two. An unfamiliar experience is often less intimidating when you have someone to share it with. Find the updated list every semester at

LibGuides. Have you avoided using the library because you’re overwhelmed by the amount of information available and aren’t sure where to find information for just the specific subject you need? You are not alone. That is why librarians offer you LibGuides. Each Subject LibGuide explains the information resources that are most useful for that subject. Often, librarians will create a class LibGuide listing resources most useful for a specific class research project. We also have “How do I? guides that explain such concepts as what a database is or how to find peer-reviewed journal articles. Find all LibGuides here:

Group Study Space and Quiet Study Space. The library has space to accommodate all types of studying. Groups can reserve a group study room or work at a table on the lower level. Need to find a quiet study place on campus? The upper level has individual study carrels and is a no talking zone.

Librarians. Sometimes we are the class librarian in a class that you are taking and have set up a discussion board in your class blackboard site. If so, use it! We are happy to answer all your questions. The UNH Librarians are dedicated to helping every member of the UNH community become “Information Literate”. We want to do whatever we can to help you become great at locating, and effectively using information resources. If you need help finding information for a class research project, feel free to come into the library or to even make an appointment for a research consultation in advance. We will sit down with you individually, discuss your project, and help you find good, credible information. Find ways to contact a librarian by looking at the Ask A Librarian page on the UNH library website.

This is just a small sample of resources offered by the UNH library. If you have any questions for us, feel free to email [email protected] Happy New Year & hope to see you in the library in 2013!