New Addition to Rec Center

Neva Bostic, Contributing Writer

To book a spot in the Beckerman Recreation Center for a workout, you may notice a new area to make reservations for.

The “Auxiliary Weight Room” is a new COVID-modified area where athletes and teams undergo their weight training. You may think that the athletes have been lifting in the weight room at North Campus, but they are actually in Beckerman due to a recent change.

However, the move isn’t unfortunate for the athletes. The space boasts many platforms with multiple benches and racks of dumbbells and barbells. It’s a great space to workout. Anyone can book a spot in this room from 7:30-9:45 pm.

There are rules set in place because of COVID-19 and enforced by those working at the Rec Center, such as the inability to do “buddy workouts.” These are workouts that involve spotters, so athletes should make sure to work on form and other smaller workouts during this time.

Working out indoors has been a struggle for gyms across the country, but the university has allowed for a large enough space for students and athletes to work out while following social distancing standards. Being granted this opportunity, athletes and students should be sure to wipe their equipment down after use.

Those interested in reserving a spot should go to @chargerrec on Instagram and click the link in their bio. It will take you to the MyCharger login where you can select your time and reserve your spot.

A University ID Card and cleared status on CoVerified are required to enter the Rec Center.