Need for Speed Review

Scott Iwaniec

With the success of the Fast and the Furious franchise it should be obvious that someone else wants to play with Hot Wheels on the big screen, which, by the way, is another movie coming out in a few years. No joke.

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This one chose to adapt the name of the very successful video game franchise. After its opening week, Rotten Tomatoes and other critics didn’t have much nice to say about it, but the overall audience did. After all, all we really want is hot cars and a mediocre plot to put people in the said cars. The problem is the plot is distractingly dumb.

It starts off acceptable, but as the film progresses, logic just keeps decreasing to the point where you wind up leaving the theater asking yourself , “how was that supposed to make sense?” Not to mention cops that are overly dumb— I probably shouldn’t be ripping this movie apart for the plot when clearly this movie was not meant to be intriguing. The reason why I am is because it goes out of its way to be like Fast and Furious; gives us good characters and tries really hard to get us on their side, but instead the audience winds up with a good performance by Aaron Paul and the most annoying fake British accent of a love interest.

The driving scenes themselves are wonderful to look at and exciting to watch. The director, being a former stunt man, wanted to make this a visual spectacle. As a result: there is no CG in the film. Everything you see is 100 percent real and practical effects done with stunt drivers. Watching the movie with this in mind makes it all the more impressive. But it still doesn’t excuse the fact that you can shave off about 40 minutes of this film. It’s over two hours long and drags and drags.

I think this film would have been much more enjoyable if they lightened up the plot, took some time off, and simply let the popcorn fun fly. I didn’t like the film, but I do recommend seeing it in theaters to experience the excitement of the car chases. It’s good for the $5 Tuesday ticket price, especially if you are a car fanatic. You can snooze during the dialogue, but you will be woken up once the engines roar. P.S: Any Ford Mustang fans will be in heaven for the majority of this film.