National Compliment Day

National Compliment Day

A wonderful way to brighten someone’s day, or your own, is with a compliment. Compliments give us confidence, and validate our hard work. Both the receiver and the giver of the complement feel good, and it shows admiration and appreciation.

National Compliment Day was brought to the University of New Haven campus on January 25. Students were sent an email from the Center for Student Engagement, Leadership and Orientation office. It stated how throughout the day they could pick up a compliment for themselves or to give away at various buildings on campus. They were up on bulletin boards with compliments on them in Maxcy Hall, Kaplan Hall, and Bartels Campus Center.

This was an opportunity for people to be aware that spreading positivity is very important. It allows people to be able to express themselves and their love for the ones around them through showers of compliments and happy thoughts. In our lives, we always seem to focus on the negatives, but sometimes people need reminders to see the light.

Danielle Todd, Graduate Assistant for Campus Programs, stated “I think that we often get so absorbed in our lives and everyday tasks that we forget to take a moment to reflect on what is going on around us. Being thoughtful and saying something nice to someone doesn’t cost anything and can make someone’s entire day. There is no better deal than that.”

Practicing kindness is simple, and can be done in little deeds throughout the day. Keep in mind that just smiling, or holding the door for someone can mean so much. It is important to focus on others around us, and not just ourselves. Everyone loves the feeling of being loved. So being mindful and cheering someone up on a hard day, or giving a compliment, is a way to pay it forward.

In the future, C.S.E.L.O. looks to celebrate more National Holidays on campus, and they are already beginning to do so. This year they have instated, Celebrate Every day, which is a programming series to engage students on campus, provide resources, and offer giveaways! The C.S.E.L.O. office encourages any student who has a National Holiday that they would like celebrated, or any feedback or suggestions for the program to email us at [email protected]