Music Industry Club Provides Students with Booking Experience


With over 15o different clubs and organizations on campus, the University of New Haven allows its students the opportunity to explore and express themselves in a variety of ways. One such organization is M.I.C. (Music Industry Club), which gives students the chance to see what it takes in order to book and plan live music events.

“M.I.C. is responsible for putting on concerts on campus,” said Daniel Mayotte, club president. “We try to provide our members with experience in the music industry such as booking shows, promotion, and also live sound during the shows. We try to bring in guest speakers from the industry to come and talk to us about different aspects of the industry as well.”

“We get together and discuss upcoming events and activities the club is involved in as well as talk about all things music,” said Anabell Gonzalez, head of booking. “One of our traditions is to start the meeting off with music news, where people volunteer to present the club with any news they have that occurred within the past week.”

In the past, M.I.C. has been able to host acts at the school such as Sorority Noise and Beach Weather, both of which attracted students and non-students of the university. In addition, M.I.C. has also held multiple events including a battle of the bands, a cover show, and an acoustic night, all of which showcased bands created by university students.

In order to counteract the chaos of planning, M.I.C. has been able to organize themselves effectively.

“We break off into…three committees where we discuss further what needs to be done leading up to whatever the next event may be,” said Gonzalez.

M.I.C. is starting off the 2018 spring semester with a performance on Saturday, Jan. 27, hosting Ariana and the Rose, Plastiq Passion, the Lo Fi’s, and Him or Her. They will also be hosting a second show later in February with further details and a lineup yet to be released.

“We have another show February 17 which will be a rap show and I can’t reveal the headliner yet but if all things go through we expect this show to be pretty big and pretty great,” said Gonzalez.