Music From Another Dimension

Katerina Sperl

The colorful scarves flowing from his microphones. Millions of people, ranging from teenagers to the elderly, swaying with the sound of the glorious music. Crazy pyrotechnics exploding loudly in the background. This is what viewers can expect at an average Aerosmith concert.

When I finally attended one of these wonderful events this past July, I also witnessed something that I definitely was not expecting. The song list included some new songs.

When Aerosmith finally released their fifteenth album on Nov. 6, fans were more than ready. Aside from greatest hits albums, Aerosmith has not released a new album since the 2004 release of Honkin’ On Bobo. In addition, that previous album only had one original song; the rest of the album was filled with covers.

This new album titled Music From Another Dimension has 15 brand new songs! If you have not checked it out already, then you are definitely missing out.

Not a rock fan? You are in luck! The ninth track on the album, “Can’t Stop Lovin’ You,” features a very unexpected duet with Carrie Underwood. Considering the differences in their musical styles, this could have been a recipe for disaster. However, this is now my personal favorite song of all time.

Aerosmith fans never thought that they would ever hear the word “cowboy” in one of their songs, but then again, this raspy love song defies any expectations. Carrie Underwood’s and Steven Tyler’s voices complement each other perfectly.

While it is great that Aerosmith finally released new material, it is even more refreshing to see that the band is staying very true to itself. The opening track, “Luv XXX,” starts the album off on the perfect note. It picks the band’s sounds up right where they left off. “Now is the time to submit quietly…” it states, and submit I did.

The 56 seconds of talking draws the listeners’ attention in and brings them to another dimension entirely. Once the musical portion of the song begins, it can be compared to the beat and vibe of “Love In An Elevator.”

The sixth track on the new album, “Legendary Child,” also reminisces about the old days. It speaks of a high school dance just like “Walk This Way” mentioned. For those that have emerged themselves in the old material, it is nice to see just how closely the new relates to the old.

Aerosmith also brings back the raspy serenades, both sad and lovey dovey, that everyone missed. “Tell Me” sings about a concept that it is almost foreign to Aerosmith’s usual songs—regret.

Steven Tyler tells a story about a girl who has left him. His voice is full of sorrow, regardless of the huge number of girls willing to take that woman’s place. “What Could Have Been Love” is easily the most talked about song from the new album, and it is definitely easy to see why.

The sweet, slow vocals about missing what is right in front of you is extremely relatable to a lot of people. When listening to this song, it is easy to imagine a large crowd of people holding their lighters and glowing cell phones to the sky, swaying in tune to the music.

“Another Last Goodbye” is a story of someone pulling you in close and then pushing you away; this is something relatable to every listener. The high pitch vocals are extremely impressive, but do not fear. Steven Tyler does not get too emotional to ruin his rock star reputation, as he explains how he misses the “claw marks on [his] back.”

Also dispersed throughout the album are the kind of classic rock ‘n’ roll songs that made everyone fall for Aerosmith decades ago. “Freedom Fighter” is a perfect example. The pumping chant of the song is empowering. When enjoying this song, listeners are invincible. They are powerful. They can do anything.

“Something” has very strong percussion at the fore point. The repetition of the same vengeful words again and again is made more interesting by the overpowering beat. Beware: this is the kind of song that you need to head nod to!

Overall, Music From Another Dimension is a mix of some of Aerosmith’s best history and greatest improvements. This album has something to offer for every type of listener: country, serenades, rock and more! I highly recommend it.